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Muttuchira a small village in Kerala, was inhabited by Hindus till the 6th Centuary AD. This place was ruled by landloards appointed by the Raja(King). They wanted to improve the economic and social conditions of people, with this purpose inview, they invited hardworking Christians from the neighbouring village Kuravilangad. Thus four families came and settled here. Inorder to cater the spiritual needs of Christians , The landloard Kaimal built a small church at the eastern side of this place, now called Kurisummood, meaning Foot of Cross. It is in AD 550. As the Christian population grew , another church was built in the place where the present church stands, it is in 7th Centuary AD. This church was rebuilt. In 12th centuary

In 12th Centuary this small church couldn't acommodate the increasing Christian population. As a result , the present church was constructed in 1860. All the Christian's here are Syrian Catholics and form 99% of the village population.

About Muttuchira

Muttuchira village is in Kottayam District of Kerala state in India. Situated on the MC Road, between Vaikom and Ettumanoor, Muttuchira has an interesting conglomeration of three churches of different periods built in the same compound. Muttuchira is a beautiful village with a christian back ground. Majority of the people are roman catholic. A very ancient church (Holy Ghost Forane Church) is very famous here. Muttuchira also has a big hospital, schools for boys and girls, technical school etc. Most of the people here are well educated and live a middle class family life.

Saint Alphonsa(Alphonsamma) is the first person of Indian origin to be canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church was brought up in Muttuchira.

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